Power supply Networks

The challenges to today's energy supply, and therefore also modern power lines and distribution grids, are constantly growing, especially since the energy transition. For energy supply in particular, customers expect absolute reliability and security of supply. The decentralized energy generation methods brought about increasingly by the energy transition, such as solar power systems and wind turbines, also call for additional new and powerful electricity grids.

Due to the rising demand for such electricity grids, Geiger is increasing its commitment in this sector. Geiger's range of services includes underground duct construction, cable installation, laying of empty conduits, installation of overhead lines and cables, and the construction of power switching stations up to 20 KV. All these activities are brought together at Geiger in the power supply network segment. From now on, an energetic team will provide all the Geiger services related to power line construction to our power supply network customers in the entire Swabia region.